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Seller Suggestions

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Here are some tips you can use to help sell your home faster and for more money:

Clean the Outside
  • Mow and water your lawn.
  • Trim trees and plant flowers.
  • Store all bikes, toys and equipment out of sight.
  • Paint, if necessary. It can make a huge difference.
  • Check out your doors. An eye catching front door can have a tremendous influence on a buyer's opinion. At the least, make sure they are clean and painted if necessary.
  • Put potted flowers on the front porch and make sure the entry way is clean and the steps are swept.

  • Clean Up and Clean Out the Inside

  • Get rid of unnecessary furniture.
  • Clean out your closets and clear off countertops.
  • Utilize the space in your garage, basement, and attic, or rent some storage space, if necessary.
  • Scrub all tile floors (mildew removers and some grout cleaner usually will do the trick).
  • Clean all carpets.
  • Clean all windows and mirrors.
  • Clean stains in all sinks and tubs.

  • Make Repairs - People Won't Buy What's Broken

  • Fix leaky faucets.
  • Replace missing door or cabinet handles.
  • Fix or replace broken appliances.
  • Replace broken tiles in bathroom or kitchen.
  • Paint if necessary.
  • Discuss major repairs with your licensed agent (e.g., roof, hot water heater, etc.). Remember all major defects must be disclosed to buyers.

  • Smells Must Go

  • Stop smoking in the house.
  • Bathe pets and clean out litter boxes.
  • Empty all trash, recycle bins, etc.
  • Dry-clean drapes and shampoo carpets.
  • Use baking soda boxes in smell-prone areas.
  • Introduce fresh and pleasing scents by placing flowers, potpourri or air fresheners around the house. If possible, bake frozen or fresh pies or cookies before the house is being shown.

  • Get a Buyer's View

    Invite a friend or neighbor to walk up to and through your home like a buyer would. Get their opinion on whether or not it is inviting, clean and well-maintained. Make any changes they suggest. It's worth the time to increase your chances for a more profitable sale.